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Welcome to eRealBeauty where I share my life experiences to help empower your life with true beauty.

Simply, get more from life!

You are valuable and possess so many uncover-hidden talents. It’s time you discover your passion in life and see life thru the eyes of hope and faith.

Let’s make something together.

Independent Beauty Consultant

*Market and sell Mary Kay cosmetics

*Recruit and train new independent beauty consultants.

*Host makeover parties, suggest products to party attendees, and help with application of cosmetics

Team Lead in Financial Institution

Over 18+ year experience in client service and managing a team thru a financial institution.


Hard-working mom of two, Wife, Creative, Event planner, Dedicated and Inspired to change lives.

Provide way more Beauty….

The kind that empowers your confidence and ways of seeing things.  A Beauty that is internally and reflects externally – it’s what I hope I bring to you.