You are Valuable!

The value you have is not given to you by other people or the materials you have acquired. God gives you value, and your job is to recognize that he appreciates you as the most precious stone in the world.

Many times the enemy makes us stumble and makes us feel inferior. But that’s just a lie because you never lose your worth before God, you lose it in your mind.Your life will change the day you see yourself thru the eyes of the creator – who sees you with infinite value.

I invite you to cultivate the beauty that God has placed in you and not to focus on the traps that the enemy puts. It’s best to focus on the valued God formed you with, and develop all those beautiful talents with which he has rewarded you. 

Along with that value with which God created you, He has also assigned you with a specials tasks that only you can complete.  If you listen to the voice of the enemy; those specials tasks won’t be completed. That is why the enemy is determined to discourage your walk.

You are amazing. Don’t let others make you forget that.  

“Get up, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is born on you.” Isaiah 60: 1

It is not selfish to devote time to oneself; in polishing our characters, in learning new things, in growing as individuals and spending time becoming better people. On the contrary, dedicating time for self not only helps you grow but allow those around you to grow as well.

You are valuable because God says you are.  Never think otherwise.      

Value yourself! You are very special, and you have many beautiful things to offer.

With God by your side, you will achieve great things.

Happy day!

By @erealbeauty

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